Irish put out an embarassing performace. Lose to Pitt. A Knee Jerk Reaction

– Sgt Shamrock


Notre Dame fell to Pitt 28-21, which effectively ends all hopes of a BCS bowl. Notre Dame fell flat on their faces on national TV against another inferior opponent, something Irish fans have gotten used to far to much. Stephon Tuitt was ejected in the first half on a complete garbage targeting call that still has me scratching my head. The Irish played awful tonight and there is no other way to put it. The play calling and personnel decisions were beyond atrocious. Tarean Folston, who had a breakout game last week and looked dominant, barely saw the field and Brian Kelly for some reason decided to rely on the arm of Turnover Tommy, which in the end doomed the Irish.

The loss puts to rest any hope of the Irish playing in the BCS and raised a lot of questions in my mind. What has happened to the defense? What are the coaches thinking? Why did Notre Dame abandon the running game so quickly? I don’t know the answers to any of these questions but there needs to be some answering. Notre Dame just got beat by a completely inferior team. Its unacceptable and embarrassing. Im pretty drunk right now and full of rage so check back tomorrow as I recap this embarrassment of a game and try to answer some of the questions that we are all asking.  

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