The bye week blues. A weekend preview

– Sgt Shamrock

A weekend after an embarrassing loss to Pitt, the Irish limp into a much needed bye week. The team is so decimated with injuries that the team didn’t even practice this week, but instead rested and conditioned. Hopefully the coaching staff is taking full advantage of the bye week trying to figure out where their play calling ability might have gone since it was obviously not at Pitt last weekend.

While the Irish rest this weekend and prepare for their final home game of the season next weekend against BYU, college football continues on. While we all love Notre Dame Football, I think I speak for many fans when I say it will be nice to watch football this weekend without having to worry about my stress levels or my health. Enjoy it now fans because the last two games are going to be rough.

While Notre Dame is out of the running for any bowls that are in anyway meaningful, there are some pretty good games elsewhere in the country that should make for a pretty good college football weekend.

Games around the country

Washington at 13 UCLA- Washington started off hot this season until that hit a tough stretch of their schedule against Oregon and Stanford. The Huskies and their quarterback Keith Price are due for a big win but going against UCLA and their star linebacker Anthony Barr is going to be tough. UCLA 35 Washington 21

25 Georgia at 7 Auburn- Auburn has been one of the surprise teams of the season so far. Gus Malzahn has put life into the program after an abysmal season last year. Nick Marshal leads the SEC’s leading rushing attack against a Georgia defense that has struggled at times this year. Georgia has been decimated by injuries this year while has played a part in their disappointing season. This is a rivalry game and these two teams always play each other close but my wife would kill me if I picked against Auburn. Auburn 28 UGA 21

23 Miami at Duke- Duke is in contention to reach the ACC championship game. No this is not basketball. Duke, who is 7-2 on the season, has had their best season in years. Miami is crashing down to earth after two straight beat downs in a row at the hands of Florida State and Virginia Tech. This game is at Duke and Miami continues their losing streak keeping Duke in the ACC picture Duke 24 Miami 21

16 Michigan State at Nebraska- Michigan State is the best chance to knock Ohio State out of the national championship picture this season. The Spartans defense is one of the best in the nation and has yet to allow a 100 yard rusher all season. Michigan State has had trouble getting a win in Lincoln in the past, but will have no issues this time. Michigan State 31 Nebraska 17

12 Oklahoma State at 24 Texas- After a disastrous start to the season, the Longhorns have really turned it around especially on defense. Texas is undefeated in conference play but has a stiff test against Oklahoma State this weekend. The Cowboys offense is clicking yet again this season and while Texas has vastly improved on defense, it’s not enough to continue their winning ways. Oklahoma State 41 Texas 30

4 Stanford at USC- Fresh off their huge win over Oregon, Stanford travels to USC for the primetime game on Saturday night. While ESPN continues to try and hype this matchup, I don’t see it’s appeal. Yes USC has won 4 conference games since Lane Kiffen was fired, but it’s not like any of those opponents were that good. This is also the same team that lost to Washington State. Stanford is going to destroy USC and I will enjoy every minute of it. Stanford 35 USC 13

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