Irish add Florida CB Transfer to the Roster

-Sgt Shamrock


For weeks, Irish fans have been worried that Notre Dame would have 85 scholarship players on the roster for the 2014 football season. After the Irish signed 23 new recruits in the 2014 recruiting cycle, it looked like Notre Dame would only have 84 scholarships. However it looks as if that will not be the case. Notre Dame and Coach Brian Kelly have announced that Cody Riggs, a former University of Florida cornerback/safety who has been looking for a new school for graduate school, will transfer to Notre Dame and be immediately eligible for the 2014 season thanks to the NCAA graduate student transfer rule. During his four seasons at Florida Riggs started 26 games, including every game last season.

Adding Riggs is a huge pickup for the Irish. Not only is Riggs a very talented defensive back, but he brings something to South Bend that no team can say they have too much of. SPEED. Hot, nasty, badass speed. Now I can already hear the skeptics trying to tell me that he cant be good because Florida was so bad last season. While it is true that the Gators were a complete and utter dumpster fire last season, finishing 4-8 including a loss to GEORIGA SOUTHERN, most of the blame could and should be put on the offense, which looked hilariously inept. The defense however, was still a very talented unit and the Gator’s secondary was rated as one of the top units in the country. Riggs being a starter in the SEC can not be overlooked. He is bringing a lot of experience to South Bend that will not only make him an instant impact in the Irish secondary, but also help the development of younger players like Devin Butler, Cole Luke, Rashad Kinlaw, and incoming freshman Nick Watkins. It is not a certainty that Riggs will immediately take over a starting spot, but with the skill set that he is bringing, it is going to be very very hard to keep him off the field.

Overall this is a homerun for the Irish and Riggs will contribute right away. However while it does seem pretty obvious that Riggs joining the Irish is a great move, there will inevitably be those out there who come up with some sort of reason why its a bad move regardless of how stupid that reason is. That’s fine with me though. More choices for my “Kiffy” nomination for the next episode of “Roughing the Passer”.

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