A leprechaun for THE leprechaun

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Well, it has been a couple days since I was asked to join the team at Down The Tunnel, so I figured I had best get to contributing. I can’t think of a better first post than what I have here.
You have all seen the woodwork that I’ve created for fellow tweeps, but these 2 pieces are my first works headed for Notre Dame! They will ship tomorrow, destined for Dillon Hall and the possession of Johnny Romano. For those curious, Johnny is one of THE Notre Dame leprechauns. His father and grandfather are graduates of the fine institution and he will join their ranks this year, making him a Notre Dame legacy. You can imagine my excitement when he contacted me.






The leprechaun was the initial request. The ND came later, along with the base for the leprechaun. I suggested an inscription on the ND and that’s when…

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2 thoughts on “A leprechaun for THE leprechaun”

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