Irish Mixtape

Now that we’ve gotten past the craziness of the first day of this month, time to get back to (virtual) reality.  With the Blue & Gold game just around the corner, the guys at the Irish Mixtape were kind enough to have me aboard to speak to THE @KnuteSchoolFool about the various story lines/things to watch the spring game might provide. For the record, this is the only use of “THE” that I endorse.  You can catch the podcast here:

If you’re unfamiliar with these guys, they’ve had a few different names in recent years including “The Irish Coffee and Doughnuts” podcast featured on The Subway Domer’s site as well as the “The Irish Twins” podcast featured on Her Loyal Sons.  Different names, same great content.

If you’re into high quality audio, hot beats, and quality Irish content, this is the best I’ve heard….

Check out their current site at

A catalog of their archives can be found at the Subway Domer’s site here.

You can also do as I do and subscribe to them on iTunes.  KSF’s indicated the goal is to continue to add to the archives throughout the offseason months.

Finally, follow them on Twitter at @KnuteSchoolFool and @IrishMixTape to keep up to date on their musings and new releases. If they’re not your thing, then you’re wrong, or a Michigan fan, which is still wrong but also embarassing.

– Moons

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