Another One Bites the Dust; Sykes transferring from ND

-Sgt Shamrock

Well folks it’s that time of year yet again in the yearly cycle of Notre Dame Football. That’s right it’s the offseason and you know what that means. Drama, drama, and yes more drama. Just a few weeks following the arrest of current Irish RB/WR Will Mahone that leaves his status with the football team in question, incoming freshman Nyles Sykes is transferring from Notre Dame just a few weeks after arriving on campus according to multiple media reports. Sykes, who was a three star Linebacker recruit on most of the recruiting sites, chose Notre Dame over schools like Syracuse and Cincinnati.

Now while it is never a “good” thing to lose a player ever for any reason, let’s pump the breaks on reacting like this was a huge loss. First of all it’s never worth getting worked up losing a player that has yet to contribute to the football team. Second, if you take a look at his offer sheet during the recruiting process, there was a lot left to be desired. Don’t get me wrong. The football coaching staff knows what they are doing far more than I could ever imagine and I RARELY question decisions they make about players they want. However Sykes was not the player that was going to come in and contribute right away and who knows just how much he would have contributed over his career. We will never know.

While this single loss isn’t really a big deal, it does bring to light an issue that comes up every season. I can not remember a single offseason where the Irish didn’t lose at least one scholarship player to some sort of off the field issue or to transfer. This is exactly why Notre Dame MUST start over signing players. The staff needs to take into account that they can expect to lose a player or two every offseason. Because now it sure looks likes the Irish will be starting the season with less than 85 scholarship players. This just can’t happen. It hurts roster depth which in turn hurts the chances for Notre Dame to win a championship.


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