2014 Season Primer: Mad Libs!

Can we all agree that pre-season fatigue has set in? While some worthwhile pieces and words still get spilled on endless hypotheticals, I for one am ready to get this season going. It’s been a while since I wrote, and I may do something more substantive prior to the season getting going. In the meantime, I felt inclined to do my own season primer. Too lazy to generate novel writing, I’ve decided to let you the fans do all the work….Well, with a big assist from the numerous ND blogs that have already weighed in in these areas.

Welcome to your 2014 Season Primer Mad Lib! Below, you’ll find arbitrarily selected paragraphs from some of the ND blogs recent pieces. Of course, like all good Mad Libs, I’ve left some blanks for you the reader to fill in. Feel free to go read the actual pieces which I’ve linked to below, but that seems kind of self-defeating. Make up your own reality, man (or woman).

If you’re up to the challenge, complete the mad lib and send your response to DowntheTunnelMadLibs@gmail.com. I’ll select the best segments to re-post prior to the season, and the best overall entry I’ll send out a Down the Tunnel “Too Turnt to Sit” t-shirt.

Enjoy! – Moons

Changes are always happening. What’s new with the revamped ND defense?

Its a whole new year for the Irish defense and its going to look ¬¬___________ than it has the past few _____________. Its time to see life after _____________ and __________ combo on the defensive line. The last few seasons the front seven of the Irish defense has been the _______________of the defense while the back end has been ___________ (Gary Gray, Bennett Jackson). However it seems like that will all be ____________ this year. The front seven has _________________ from the _____________ of the defense to a bunch of question marks. _______________ will be the marque player on the defensive line. The linebacking corps is very ______________ except for ___________ Jaylon Smith, who was moved to __________________ this off season. Meanwhile the defensive backfield looks to be ______________ solid. Kavairee Russell is a bona fide ______________ who will be in the running for the _______________ this season. Cole Luke, and _________________ will all be difference makers on the ______________ while Max Redfield, Austin Collinsworth and Elijah Shumate look to be solid in the back end. All of this with a new ________________ who brings a completely new __________________ to South Bend that calls for alot of ___________ and ___________ on an Island.
– via @DowntheTunnel Down the Tunnel Fall Camp Primer

I’m sure Brian Kelly’s got some thoughts on the upcoming season as well. Coach, what do you think?

The offensive line is a definite _______________. “Getting Christian Lombard back _________________ has been __________________. He’s _______________ and strong and moving ______________.” With four returning starters on the O-line, the Irish are in a “_____________________.” With two quarterbacks who play off the same script, Kelly is eager for that to “____________________” throughout the ________________ — a scenario that has not been there in __________________ past. This should allow the offense to score more __________________, a need Kelly ____________, and to play faster. __________________ is now learning the “why’s” of the playbook, while Malik Zaire is able to play “_____________________.” Kelly wants him _____________________ “championship football.”
– via @HerLoyalSons Brian Kelly Opens Fall Camp Presser

Gotta know your opponents too. USC’s always excellent creative fodder…..

I side with the folks who think ___________________ should be pretty darn ________________ this year. The loss of ____________________ should do nothing but help the _______________________ in numerous ways. I’m not sure Steve Sarkisian is a ___________________ yet he might have the ________________ to make the Trojans a lot better, and _____________________. Even if you don’t think USC is all that right now then you have to ___________________ they have massive ___________________ potential. That’s weird to say since they _______________________ last year, too.
It’s a new ______________________ for USC with a familiar face back _________________ the program. As Notre Dame fans we’ll be watching _________________of the Trojans very closely. If they stay _______________ they are capable of some big things under _______________________.
– via @OneFootDown 14 for 14: Steve Sarkisian and the (Somewhat) New USC

And finally, it’s prediction time!

That’s a fairly wide assortment of ____________________. Using this _______________, one could ___________________ anything from UNDEFEATED to ______________________. YIKES! Even more disturbing is there is a _________________ being formed, and the 2014 ____________________ looks like it is _________________________ towards a 7-6 season with some other ______________ bastard starting the 2015 season ranked _________________ and then going undefeated.
Of course, you can _______________________ the pattern if you like and we could be sitting on the other end of the ______________________. At any rate, I’m prepared to offer this prediction for 2014 based off of this data
– via @TheSubwayDomer Predicting Notre Dame’s 2014 with Science

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