Introducing the Down the Tunnel Radio Show

-Sgt Shamrock

Here at Down the Tunnel we are always looking for new ways to improve and provide you the fans and readers new and entertaining content such as our YouTube show “Roughing the Passer” and Dear Dixie. We have the best fans in the Notre Dame fan community and we really enjoy bringing you all the best content and coverage of Notre Dame athletics.

With that said we are pleased the announce the creation of the Down the Tunnel Radio Show, which will begin next week. The radio show will be a live show and will give our fans the opportunity to call in and talk Notre Dame athletics. I will be hosting the show that will take place on Wednesday nights throughout the football season as well as certain weeks during basketball season.

However I can’t host a radio show on my own so in addition to the new radio show, we are pleased to announce the addition of Brae Beadles (@BraeBeadles34) and Augie Farwig (@AugieFarwig) to the Down the Tunnel crew to be the co-hosts of the new Down the Tunnel radio show. We are thrilled to add them to the team and I hope everyone will welcome them.

We will keep you posted as to the call in number for the show and the starting time for the first show next Wednesday. We looking forward to taking all of your calls and talking Notre Dame athletics with the best fans in the entire ND fan base. GO IRISH.

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