A Dame’s View – Notre Dame vs. Northwestern University

By: Bree Fromage

Well, my predication about Notre Dame domination over ASU was a little off. It’s hard for me to predict when we have a quarterback that likes to turnover so often. But as many of you have said online, we have to forgive him. I have it on good authority from numerous students on Notre Dame’s campus that he even fumbles his books while walking out of classrooms. If only the defense were there to save him!!!!!

Anyway…I better get off my soapbox so he doesn’t have the chance to turn it over again before I’m done writing this article. I don’t know much about Notre Dame/Northwestern University football, but what I do know is this week’s edition of “A Dame’s View” is about unionization. The first thing I think of when unionization pops into my head is when there is picketing in front of a grocery store. Funny thing is that this is probably where most of these Northwestern players will end up once they are done with their NCAA football.  Question they will be asking the most is, “Do you want paper or plastic”?


Speaking of that, this team couldn’t play their way out of a wet paper bag. I mean, they are part of the Big 10 Conference and we all know how pathetic that conference is… They played Michigan last week and lost to them!!!!! Even ESPN has Northwestern University listed as one of the worst college football teams in history…

There are only a handful notable alums hailing from Northwestern University, with the most known being Stephen Colbert. So, it’s time for me to give a “tip of the hat, wag of the finger” to the Notre Dame/Northwestern game.cr_10031_02

First, the tip of the hat to Northwestern’s last conference championship in 2000. 8-and-4 to win the Big 10! Unfortunately, for them…they were still outplayed by a 9-and-3 Notre Dame team coached by Bob Davie… Yes…a Bob Davie team.

Next….a wag of the finger to Notre Dame’s defense. When are you guys going to learn no matter how many times Golson turns it over and how close it is to the end-zone…that it is your fault?!?!?! I’m tired of you defensive players continuously getting the team back into the game and having Golson blow it for you!  Buck up and cover for him already!

A tip of the hat to Brian Kelly, who has been fantastic helping Golson keep his cool on the sidelines despite turning the ball over several times.  We all know the best way to play is to play loose and Kelly is helping Golson do that by agreeing to everything he says after Golson screws up. Then yelling at the player Golson was throwing to instead of the idiot who threw the interception.  This kind of coaching is easy to see on the sidelines as Golson laughs the whole time even though his mistakes are costing the team dearly.  Way to keep him cool, coach!

A wag of the finger to Northwestern’s mascot the Wildcat.

125px-NorthwesternWildcats Good job picking the most ferocious animal you could find out there for your school.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the most generic mascot in all of sports.  Hell, even the high school in High School Musical had a wildcat mascot.  Better than me try to explain it to you; I’ll let Urban Dictionary do the work for me:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.41.56 PM (1)

In the end, we all know that Notre Dame is going to win this game. Frankly, all the Golson lovers need this win especially against this really strong 3-and-6 team. I’m looking forward to reading all the comments online saying how awesome he is and defending him. Even though this girl who knows nothing about football at least knows that he has cost us one game and almost several more games. But at the end of the day, GO IRISH!

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