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A Dame’s View — Notre Dame vs. Louisville

By: Bree Fromage

Once again, my predication about Notre Dame beating Northwestern was wrong. Might I add that I hate being wrong… I should stop making predications after consuming a bottle of wine. But it does help me cope with my depression after losing to a team that Notre Dame should have beaten. Going for two when it made absolutely no sense still haunts me… Where is that bottle of wine?!

Well, I don’t know much about Notre Dame/Louisville football, but what I do know is this week’s edition of “A Dame’s View” is all about Kentucky. Truth be told, I did not know that Louisville was in Kentucky until this week. But it does make sense considering how everyone pronounces it:


So, it got me to thinking…why do they pronounce “Louisville” like “Loo-A-Vul”? Then I remembered…it is in KentuckKFC LOGOy. When I think of Kentucky…I think of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Original Deep Fried Chicken, hot and tasty! Whenever you take a bite of that chicken…it’s so juicy and greasy…much like Bobby Petrino. Meanwhile, the football team seems like they would be good at first but then they become a hot mess, like Bobby Petrino. However, I personally know that the taste of KFC’s deep fried chicken can cause people to inhale a wing in one bite… Maybe that’s how they get “Loo-A-Vul”, a mouth full of slop, like Bobby Petrino. Now I’m beginning to think the issue going on with our Notre Dame Football team is too much KFC fried chicken. After having a piece of KFC’s chicken, your hands get so greasy and I’m positive that is what is causing all those turnovers and fumbles. Yeah…I bet that’s it…definitely not Golson’s fault.

You know what? Louisville also makes me think of baseball bats…not a university with a football team. I think it’s called the “Louisville Slugger”…supposedly the original wooden baseball bat. Whatever that means…I just hear about those wooden baseball bats breaking all the time. Like a broken bat, the Notre Dame Football team currently looks like it is splintered into a million pieces. F9665ZIHQ72ZPCN.MEDIUM

It’s going to take A LOT more than glue to put it back together at this point. Maybe we can get some nails and a hammer to put the team back together? Or maybe they should just hook up with players on the volleyball team. It helped Bobby Petrino bounce back.

Louisville has been waiting for this matchup against Notre Dame for several decades. I heard a rumor that Louisville is trying to get all their fans to do a red out at the game this Saturday. Little do they know that they only red that they will see is when Notre Dame tramples over their bleeding hearts when they score touchdowns. I do believe that Notre Dame will come up with this win and send Louisville crying home. GO IRISH!

Irish NFL Performers – WEEK 10

Jesse J. @theshamrap

This is downthetunnel’s week 10 installment of our former Irish great’s performances in the NFL.

Week 10’s top performers:


Shembo was all over the field this week for the Falcons, there was rarely a defensive play that was made that he wasn’t around the ball in Atlanta’s 27-17 win over Tampa Bay, earning him this week’s Defensive Top Performer.

Calvin Johnson was making his return for Detroit, leaving one to only assume Tate and Riddick’s receiving numbers would decline. Think again. Sharing this weeks Offensive Top Performer(s), the duo of former Irish stars were as dynamic as ever, both scoring touchdowns capped by this eventual game-winner by Theo:



Other Notable Players
Anthony Fasano, KC, TE – 4 rec 32 yds
Sergio Brown, IND, FS – 2 tckls
Michael Floyd, ARZ, WR – 4 rec 47 yds 1 TD
John Carlson, ARZ, TE – 4 rec 14 yds
Robert Hughes, ARZ, RB – 1 rec 7 yds
Justin Tuck, OAK, DE – 3 tckls 1 tfl
Ian Williams, SF, DT  – 1 tackle
Jimmy Clausen, CHI, QB – 1-3 comp 11 yds
Darrin Walls, NYJ, CB – 2 tckls

Injured, Bye, No Stats, O-line
Harrison Smith, MIN, FS – bye
Robert Blanton, MIN, SS – bye
Jonas Gray, NE, RB – bye
David Bruton, DEN, SS – no stats
Tyler Eifert, CIN, TE – injured
Ryan Harris, KC, OT
J.J. Jansen, CAR, C
T.J. Jones, DET, WR – injured
Kap Lewis-Moore, BE, BAL – injured
Zack Martin, DAL, OG
Zeke Motta, ATL, FS – injured
Troy Niklas, ARZ, TE – no stats
Louis Nix III, HOU, DT – injured
Eric Olson, NO, OG
Trevor Robinson, SD, C
Kyle Rudolph, MIN, TE – injured
John Sullivan, MIN, C
Manti Te’o, SD, LB – injured
Chris Watt, SD, OG
Sam Young, JAX, OT
Stephon Tuitt, PIT, DT – no stats

A Dame’s View – Notre Dame vs. Northwestern University

By: Bree Fromage

Well, my predication about Notre Dame domination over ASU was a little off. It’s hard for me to predict when we have a quarterback that likes to turnover so often. But as many of you have said online, we have to forgive him. I have it on good authority from numerous students on Notre Dame’s campus that he even fumbles his books while walking out of classrooms. If only the defense were there to save him!!!!!

Anyway…I better get off my soapbox so he doesn’t have the chance to turn it over again before I’m done writing this article. I don’t know much about Notre Dame/Northwestern University football, but what I do know is this week’s edition of “A Dame’s View” is about unionization. The first thing I think of when unionization pops into my head is when there is picketing in front of a grocery store. Funny thing is that this is probably where most of these Northwestern players will end up once they are done with their NCAA football.  Question they will be asking the most is, “Do you want paper or plastic”?


Speaking of that, this team couldn’t play their way out of a wet paper bag. I mean, they are part of the Big 10 Conference and we all know how pathetic that conference is… They played Michigan last week and lost to them!!!!! Even ESPN has Northwestern University listed as one of the worst college football teams in history…

There are only a handful notable alums hailing from Northwestern University, with the most known being Stephen Colbert. So, it’s time for me to give a “tip of the hat, wag of the finger” to the Notre Dame/Northwestern game.cr_10031_02

First, the tip of the hat to Northwestern’s last conference championship in 2000. 8-and-4 to win the Big 10! Unfortunately, for them…they were still outplayed by a 9-and-3 Notre Dame team coached by Bob Davie… Yes…a Bob Davie team.

Next….a wag of the finger to Notre Dame’s defense. When are you guys going to learn no matter how many times Golson turns it over and how close it is to the end-zone…that it is your fault?!?!?! I’m tired of you defensive players continuously getting the team back into the game and having Golson blow it for you!  Buck up and cover for him already!

A tip of the hat to Brian Kelly, who has been fantastic helping Golson keep his cool on the sidelines despite turning the ball over several times.  We all know the best way to play is to play loose and Kelly is helping Golson do that by agreeing to everything he says after Golson screws up. Then yelling at the player Golson was throwing to instead of the idiot who threw the interception.  This kind of coaching is easy to see on the sidelines as Golson laughs the whole time even though his mistakes are costing the team dearly.  Way to keep him cool, coach!

A wag of the finger to Northwestern’s mascot the Wildcat.

125px-NorthwesternWildcats Good job picking the most ferocious animal you could find out there for your school.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the most generic mascot in all of sports.  Hell, even the high school in High School Musical had a wildcat mascot.  Better than me try to explain it to you; I’ll let Urban Dictionary do the work for me:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.41.56 PM (1)

In the end, we all know that Notre Dame is going to win this game. Frankly, all the Golson lovers need this win especially against this really strong 3-and-6 team. I’m looking forward to reading all the comments online saying how awesome he is and defending him. Even though this girl who knows nothing about football at least knows that he has cost us one game and almost several more games. But at the end of the day, GO IRISH!

Irish NFL Performers – WEEK 9

Jesse J. @theshamrap

This is the first installment of a weekly thing we will be doing on (better late than never!), featuring our picks for the defensive and offensive Irish players of the week in the NFL. We will also display the weekly stats of all our former Notre Dame greats currently in the NFL.

Week 9’s top performers:

week 9 top performers

From a defensive aspect, get used to seeing the Vikings’ Smith on as the player of the week often. He has been a game changer for Minnesota since he came into the league.

Anthony Fasano ,despite modest numbers, gets the nod for the offense this week, pushed over the top with his “Butt TD”:

Other Notable Players
Robert Blanton, MIN, SS – 6 tackles
Sergio Brown, IND, FS -1 tackle
Michael Floyd, ARZ, WR – 4 rec 36 yds
John Carlson, ARZ, TE – 2 rec 19 yds 1 TD
Jonas Gray, NE, RB – 12 car 33 yds
Robert Hughes, ARZ, RB – 1 rec 18 yds
Prince Shembo, ATL, LB – 2 tackles
Justin Tuck, OAK, DE – 4 tackles
Stephon Tuitt, PIT, DT – 2 tackles
Ian Williams, SF, DT – 4 tackles

Injured, Bye, No Stats, O-line
David Bruton, DEN, SS – no stats
Jimmy Clausen, CHI, QB – bye
Tyler Eifert, CIN, TE – injured
Ryan Harris, KC, OT
J.J. Jansen, CAR, C
T.J. Jones, DET, WR – injured
Kap Lewis-Moore, BE, BAL – injured
Zack Martin, DAL, OG
Zeke Motta, ATL, FS – injured
Troy Niklas, ARZ, TE – no stats
Louis Nix III, HOU, DT – injured
Eric Olson, NO, OG
Theo Riddick, DET, RB – bye
Trevor Robinson, SD, C
Kyle Rudolph, MIN, TE – injured
John Sullivan, MIN, C
Golden Tate, DET, WR – bye
Manti Te’o, SD, LB – injured
Darrin Walls, NYJ, CB – no stats
Chris Watt, SD, OG
Sam Young, JAX, OT

Notre Dame’s Road to the Playoffs – Week 11


Another week has gone by, and Notre Dame sits steady at 10 in the College Football Playoff standings.  They’re probably lucky to still be there.  They beat Navy this week, in a game that they had in full control until about 1:30 left in the 2nd Quarter, when Everett Golson threw an interveption as the Irish were trying to increase their 21 point lead before the half. 

At noon on Saturday I decided to get tickets to the game off StubHub (Thank you to whomever put their $125 field level seats up for $45 each). I booked a hotel room and drove light speed down I-95, getting to Landover around 1:30 before kickoff. I remember sitting there after Navy took the lead thinking that the Irish would pull it out, but this was not going to help them at all.  They dropped a spot in each major poll, and would have dropped in the playoff standings, had it not been for Ole Miss suffering their second loss of the season. 

Ironically enough, ND did get jumped by their next opponent, Arizona State.  I’m happy about this.  The Irish need to handle their business regardless, but it allows the Irish to obtain a quality win, something they desperately lack.  I think this Irish team can compete with almost anyone on any given Saturday, as they proved in Tallahassee a few weeks ago.  But their resume says otherwise to the playoff committee.  Here we go…

1. Mississippi State – 8-0 – SEC

Key games: 11/15 – Alabama, 11/29 Ole Miss, SEC Championship

Mississippi State continues to be ND’s best friend.  They will need to take out Alabama, and whoever they play in the SEC championship for the Irish to have any legit chance at this.

2.  Florida State – 8-0  – ACC

Key games: 10/30 – at Louisville, ACC Championship

FSU won a hard fought game against future ND opponent Louisville.  They are likely to win out the rest of their schedule.

3.  Auburn – 6-1 – SEC

Key games: 11/1 Ole Miss , 11/15, @ Georgia, 11/29 @ Alabama, SEC Championship

Auburn did the Irish a favor in taking out Ole Miss, but in the same breath hurt the Irish by winning.  They still have a tough slate to finish the season.

11. Ole Miss – 7-1 – SEC

Key games: 11/1 Auburn, 11/29 Miss St., SEC Championship

The biggest problem I had with the rankings was that there were 3 SEC teams in the top 4.  Not to take anything away from Ole Miss, but I thought the whole point of the playoff was to make it fair for everyone else.   

4. Oregon – 7-1 – Pac 12

Key games: 11/8 @ Utah, 11/29 @ Oregon State., Pac 12 Championship

The Ducks took over the last playoff spot after the Ole Miss loss and an impressive victory over Stanford.  Hopefully Utah can pick them off.  Either way, best case scenario for the Irish, beat ASU, ASU beats the Ducks in the Pac-12 Championship.

5. Alabama – 7-1 – SEC

Key games: 11/8 @ LSU, 11/15 Miss St., 11/29 Auburn, SEC Championship

Bama had a bye this week.  Still have to run a gauntlet to get into this thing. The Irish need them to lose to Mississippi State. A win or loss to Auburn does nothing to help ND.  It either strengthens Auburns position or helps Bama.

6. Texas Christian University – 6-1 – Big 12

Key games: 11/1 @ West Virginia, 11/8 Kansas State

WVU almost helped out the Irish in a huge way this weekend, but TCU was able to get by the Mountaineers.  TCU has a huge game againt Kansas State this week.  To help the Irish the most, TCU needs to lose to K-State and then K-state needs to lose to one of their other ranked opponents down the line.  TCU’s schedule is fairly easy from here on out.

7. Kansas State – 6-1 – Big 12

Key games: 11/1 Oklahoma State, 11/8 @ TCU, 11/20 @ West Virginia, 11/6 @ Baylor

K-State made a 2 spot jump this week after crushing Oklahoma State.  As noted in the TCU blurb, the Irish will be helped the most by a K-State win over TCU, and a loss down the road.

8. Michigan State – 7-1 – Big Ten

Key games: 11/8 Ohio State, Big Ten Championship

Michigan State had a bye this week.  They have their hardest remaining game this week against Ohio State.  We have to be Ohio State fans this week, although I know it will hurt people to do so.

9. Arizona State – 7-1 – Pac 12

Key Games: 11/8 NOTRE DAME, 11/28 @ #19 Arizona

Not much needs to be said.  This is Notre Dame’s playoffs right here…

So that is that.  This week we root hard for the Buckeyes, K-State, LSU and Utah. Hopefully Notre Dame gives me a reason to continue updating this post next week. Go Irish!

Agree? Disagree? Reach me on twitter @GetsThruBuckner

A Dame’s View — Notre Dame vs. ASU

By: Bree Fromage

As I predicted with my future maternal instincts, Notre Dame beat Navy.  However, I was wrong since College Game Day did not show it’s dirty face on campus.  I do have to say, those maternal instincts aren’t too bad considering I’m not a mother, pregnant nor do I plan on being any time soon.  Now I get to turn my attention to that dust bowl in Arizona.

I don’t know much about Notre Dame/Arizona State football, but what I do know is this week’s edition of A Dame’s View is all about jealousy.  Yes, believe it or not, women get jealous…very jealous.  I know many of the guys reading this right now are like, “No way! I’ve never seen a woman get jealous about anything!”, but it’s true, we get jealous. I completely admit, I’m jealous of Arizona State’s head coach, Todd Graham.  They have a motto at ASU that they “underachieve with style”. Have you seen the pretty accessories that guy wears?  First, that silver fox prowls the sidelines with those pretty sweatbands on his wrist.  You’re not a male cheerleader.  Take the wristbands off.   Second, he has that pretty little Britney Spears microphone like he’s getting ready to sing the chorus to “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. Todd Graham with Mic

Speaking of jealousy, you know Britney is jealous of Todd.  He has a prettier microphone than she does and he has bigger boobs.  However, as the song goes, “Just give me a sign.  Hit me baby one more time.”

Britney with Mic

So let’s hit you with another number – Arizona State does beat Notre Dame in one area.  If there was a Grace Hall on the Arizona State campus they would have the #1 lit up year around because Arizona State is the number one party school in the nation.  Unfortunately, that’s a title Notre Dame won’t be taking from them any time soon.  While the biggest news recently on the Notre Dame campus is a football player dating a porn star, it’s an every day occurrence on the ASU campus because half the girls that go there are porn stars.  We can’t win this battle, Notre Dame fans.  Notre Dame has 97 consensus All-Americans.  Courtney Simpson, who started at ASU and wore an ASU cheerleading outfit in one of her videos, has 206 total films on her resume!  The good news for students like Courtney and Elizabeth Hawkenson is ASU does not care.  As a matter of fact, Elizabeth was actually on scholarship at ASU and it wasn’t for Sex Ed., it was for Geology.

I gotta admit, having the #1 party school or most adult film stars isn’t the only thing ASU leads Notre Dame in.  The women that attend that school are hot.  I’m talking smoking hot.  They could turn me.  If you haven’t seen it, a couple ASU girls dressed as the women in the Blurred Lines music video for Halloween 2013, meaning they wore nothing.  They literally walked around campus in only high heels.   That takes guts, then again, the adult film correlation is starting to make more and more sense.  However, there are no blurred lines in this football game, which is why we are here.  Notre Dame is 3-0 against Arizona State, which would be the same number of fingers they hold up for that dumb pitchfork/shocker thing they do.  ASU Pitchfork

Don’t get me wrong, like many women; I am not opposed to the shocker every now and then, but not on the field.  It just doesn’t belong in football.   Which is why there will be no shocker this weekend and Notre Dame will win again.  It’s really about Heaven vs. Hell when you talk about Notre Dame and the Sun Devils.  If you all want to see a silver fox with dumb sweatbands and microphone dress with more accessories than the actors and actresses on campus then coach a team to a loss, this is the game for you.  ASU might talk trash now, but win or lose, I’m sure they will end up with egg on their face.  Go Irish!

The DEVIL We Know

Jesse J. – @TheShamRap

Well Domers, here it is.The brutal truth…

We may have actually played ourselves out of playoff contention with a win.


Yes, a win. Don’t believe me?

There is a difference between good and REALLY good. An actual equation. Here it is:

Greatness = What you see + margin of victory

What we’ve seen from Notre Dame in regards to “greatness” comes in flashes. Hasn’t quite been consistent enough on the field for me to consider us REALLY good.

You can’t beat Navy by 10 points, while giving up 39 on defense and expect the Playoff Committee to say “Well that was impressive”, not without extremely sarcastic undertones anyway.


Biggest red flag? VanGorder had two weeks to get this defense prepared for the triple option. TWO WEEKS!

It’s not like Navy was sandwiched immediately in between a game against a spread offense and a pro-style offense. The guys should have been ready.

I’m not trying to put him on the chopping block by any stretch, but BVG has laid 2 BIG goose-eggs (UNC, Navy) as far as defensive game planning vs. teams we should be dominating on that side of the ball.

Our playoff chances just took a huge hit.

But our performance on the field Saturday won’t affect our playoff chances nearly as much as the loss of starting LB, team leader, Joe Schmidt.

Schmidt is now out for the season, he was the quarterback of the defense, and someone you can only replace by giving someone else the time to gain that experience.

Enter Nyles Morgan.


You wanna replace Joe? You couldn’t have picked a more exciting candidate for that prospect.

Morgan has all the natural skills and athletic ability that Schmidt lacks. He’s a physical freak.

Welp, time to make a t-shirt with Nyles and Jaylon.


“Freak Brothers”

Back to reality though. We have a banged up squad heading into likely our biggest remaining game of the year vs. ASU in Tempe.

But don’t let me kill your dreams of seeing those shining helmets in the playoffs. It isn’t impossible, and isn’t all bad news.

Some of the “consistency” Brian Kelly is always talking about is coming together.

THREE consecutive 100 yd rushing games by Folston.
Golson hasn’t fumbled in 2 games.
EVERY wide receiver is contributing.

On to Tempe.

Onward to Victory.

Peace, I’m outta here. Go Irish!

Pornstar U.

Jesse J. @TheShamRap

Huh? Did you really think I was going that route?

While Justin Brent’s Fall Break social media
shenanigans were an interesting filler to an otherwise
exhausting bye-week following “crabby flag-gate”,
there’s only one message to be taken from that;


Ok, now that that has been addressed, on to stuff that matters…

Playoffs? Playoffs?! We are ranked 10th and you wanna talk about playoffs?!

So we’re ranked 10th in the inaugural Playoff Committee Poll.

Big deal.

Did you REALLY think a close loss to Crabby Patty U
was gonna be enough to keep us in the mix for the
playoff action?! Hell no. These assholes don’t respect
this team.
And why should they? Our biggest win is a loss, and our 2nd biggest win is to Stanford, who until hopefully
this week vs. Oregon, hasn’t done us any favors with their play.

In fact, non of the teams that were supposed to give us
a chance to show our might have done us any favors
as far a S.O.S.

Michigan? HA!
USC? Uhhh no.
UNC? We made them look the best they’ve looked all year.
So what the hell do we do?! We play. We win.

We can hope Louisville at least has a strong showing
against FSU.

We can pray that ASU crushes Utah before our showdown in Tempe.

We can half-heartedly put our hatred aside for USC,
and hope they close the season out impressively.


Ok, on to Navy.

You may have heard how Keenan Reynolds is a
dynamic play-maker for Navy, and we should be wary.

Stop it. Right now.

I’m not gonna kill you with a page full of seamen stats,
so I’m gonna make it simple…

Navy is TERRIBLE this year.

This is not even in the same class as any Midshipmen squad we’ve faced over the last decade.  Not even as good as the Navy team we beat 50-10 in Ireland to open the 2012 campaign.
This is the PERFECT game to start playing ANGRY.

I’m not even going to waste anymore time talking about Navy.
We win 56-13. Game over.

It’s not time to hit panic mode yet folks!!!
A lot of football yet to be played!

That’s my 2 cents. PEACE, I’M OUTTA HERE!

Go Irish.

It’s Time to Stop Playing Navy


Its time to take Navy off the schedule. There I said it. I have felt this way for a couple years now but after seeing the release of the first college football playoff rankings earlier tonight it finally sealed the deal for me. Before you start crying a foul, yes I know all about the history between Notre Dame and Navy. Yes I know that Navy made Notre Dame a training ground during World War Two and provided enough money to keep the university afloat. I know all about it. Its reiterated every single year when we play the Naval Academy. Ill always have a great deal of respect for the Naval Academy and what they did for Notre Dame to help it stay open in a time when many thought the school would close. But that was over 70 years ago. I know Notre Dame “owed” Navy for all their help but that debt has been paid back and than some.

Here is the thing. There is absolutely nothing gained by playing Navy anymore for Notre Dame nothing. Its actually a lose-lose situation for the Irish. As we saw tonight in the first college football playoff rankings, the selection committee was not kidding around about strength of schedule being a huge factor in who gets selected into the playoff and having Navy on the schedule is doing the Irish no favors. If Notre Dame wins, it means nothing for the season as everyone expects Notre Dame to beat Navy easily each and every season. If Notre Dame loses, its a crippling blow and in the new college football playoff system it would almost always knock Notre Dame out of the playoff picture immediately.

Now every season there are teams that are supposed to be good teams that end up not panning out which never does favors for Notre Dame. So far this season Stanford and North Carolina would easily fit the bill. Prior to the season every pundit in the country had Notre Dame’s schedule as one of the toughest in the nation. Now it looks to be the exact opposite with the Irish sitting at 6-1 but having zero wins over a top 25 win. But you can’t really blame Notre Dame for that as how other teams do is completely out of their control. Its part of college football. Perceived good teams turn out to be bad and teams that were viewed as awful turn out to be really good. However there is a huge difference between teams like Stanford, Michigan, and North Carolina and a team like Navy. The Stanford’s, Michigan’s, and North Carolina’s may have their down years or not live up to expectations that people had for them in the preseason but they normally end up bouncing back and being good teams. Take Stanford for instance. They have been very good the past few years and this season and while they have taken a step back this year, they will undoubtedly rebound in the next year or two and contend in the PAC-12. Teams like Navy however are never good and are not expected to ever be good. Sure they will pull an upset now and again or finish a season with more wins that predicted but in football terms, nobody ever views Navy as a “quality win”.

I completely understand the need to not play an entire schedule of top 25 teams. Its just not feasible or sensible to have your team run through the gauntlet. I understand the need to have “lesser teams” on the schedule. Every team does it. Its part of football. But in the new world of the College Football Playoff strength of schedule is a huge factor and there is going to be a new trend of teams adding tougher opponents in lieu of the normal “cupcakes”. Notre Dame has been known as one of those teams who doesn’t schedule FCS schools and rarely plays a full on “cupcake” team but Navy is about as close as you can get. Add in the factor of Navy’s style of play and the large amounts of injuries that it causes for their opponents defenses and there is absolutely no upside to playing Navy in the modern college football world. I’ll always be grateful for what the Naval Academy did to keep Notre Dame afloat. However whatever Notre Dame owed Navy for that gratitude has been paid back two fold. Its time to move on.

You can follow me on twitter @GoIrishGlory

A Dames View – Sink the Navy Edition

-Bree Fromage

Here is your woman’s perspective of the game coming up this weekend.  So, I don’t know anything about Notre Dame/Navy football (and I don’t plan rapping about it like an idiot), but what I do know is…

I don’t like Navy’s head coach.  He’s a whiner and a crybaby.  You would think him and that sissy, David Shaw, were brothers from another mother.  They always have something to complain about.  You are a part of the Navy!  Man up!  We know David Shaw pouts like a 3 year old who needs a nap, but that does not mean you have to act like one, too.  Seriously, I have cramps three times as bad as Navy’s football team and I don’t whine as much as….as…I don’t even know how to say his last name.  It’s like a damn Seeing Eye chart at the DMV.  Seriously, I couldn’t pass that eye test sober (Which I’m not right now…).  Look for yourself… His name does have LOL in it which makes it much easier for me to make fun of him.


While on the topic of cramps, I wonder what color Gatorade Brian Kelly will have at the podium for his press conference Navy week.  I kinda hope he ditches the Gatorade all together and just drinks goat’s blood.  It’s close enough to Halloween to work.

When I think of Navy and Notre Dame that the most important thing that comes to mind are the fight songs.  I love to “Shake down the thunder from the sky” and “Marching to victory,” but it’s hard to compete with the disco hit “In The Navy.”  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to sail the 7-seas or put your mind at ease?  It sounds like a wonderful vacation, which is pretty much what the Navy football team has been on.  The last time they were ranked in the top-25 after the season was in 2004 and they were only ranked 24th.  Their highest ranking ever was 2nd in both polls, which performed slightly better than their fight song which came in at #3 on the Billboard 100 in 1979.  It was actually #1 on the Canadian RPM Top Singles list, but I’m pretty sure once you convert that from the metric system to ‘Merica system it comes out to #3 again.  Looking over iTunes, the Notre Dame fight song is the song with the staying power and is ranked WAY higher than “In the navy” right now.

Staying on the number 3, let’s talk about the triple option: Vodka, Tequila and Beer.  A formidable trio of awesomeness that makes any game enjoyable.  If you drink enough, you might find Navy’s head coach cute…or you might mistake him for the goat mascot.  I know I have a few times.  It’s not that I have anything against Navy and I appreciate what they do for everyone, but let’s face it, the Notre Dame players are cuter and the type of guys you would want to have a real triple option with (Hey-Yo!).  This game will basically be the SNL version of Chris Farly (Navy) vs. Patrick Swayze (Notre Dame).  We got the moves, the looks and the skills to win this game.

Well, that’s a woman’s perspective of the Navy/Notre Dame game.  I have no doubt College Gameday will be at this epic match up.  If you tally up all the above categories, pretty sure Notre Dame is going to win by 17.  By pretty sure, I’d put David Shaw’s Midol on it… I’m that confident.  Go Irish!