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Davaris Daniels suspended for the Spring Semester


-Sgt Shamrock

Here we go again. Another offseason, another instance of drama within the Notre Dame football program. Rumors began swirling earlier in the day that Notre Dame receiver Davaris Daniels, was going to be suspended for the spring semester due to “academic issues”. Well the rumors are true, as ESPN and other media outlets are now reporting that Daniels has been suspended for the spring semester and

While the suspension is only for the spring semester and that Daniels could still play next season, it is not certain what course of action Daniels or his family will take. The “infraction” is reportedly not an Honor Code violation which makes this a different situation than that of Irish quarterback Everett Golson, who was suspended for the 2013 school year and football season. According to Keith Arnold, the Daniels family is going to explore all options, including declaring for the NFL draft however Davaris Daniels tells ESPN that he will re-enroll in the summer. Lets hope that’s the case.