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Everett Golson for Heisman. Down The Tunnel Style

-SSG Shamrock


We are five weeks into the college football season and after an outstanding start to the season, Everett Golson is in the thick of the Heisman trophy conversation. Every year there are always Heisman trophy “campaigns” for players in the conversation and we here at Down the Tunnel want to get that campaign kick started. In order to make it more fun for everyone we have decided to start a contest that will get the Golson for Heisman Campaign started. Here is how the contest will work:

  • Make a sign that says “Golson for Heisman” and include Down the Tunnel somewhere on the sign. Either the name of the site or the site logo.
  • Bring your newly made “Golson for Heisman” sign with you and get a picture with you holding it in as many different places as possible. The idea is to bring it to all sorts of events for mass exposure to show your support of Golson for Heisman!
  • Every time you tweet or email us a picture of you with your sign you will earn a point. If your sign makes it on TV (And you can prove it) you earn five points. So if anyone is near a campus where College GameDay is going to be that would be a great chance to earn points.
  • Each week through the rest of the season there will be an updated leaderboard of who has the most points. At the end of the regular season the individual with the most points will win any two free Down The Tunnel T-Shirts of their choice!

So basically you make a sign that says “Golson for Heisman” with DTT somewhere on the sign and than you take pictures of yourself with it in as many places as possible! TAKING A PICTURE WITH THE SIGN IN YOUR HOUSE DOES NOT COUNT. Get out there in public, at sporting events, in the big city, and anywhere else you think would be an interesting place to show your support for Notre Dame’s Heisman Trophy Candidate!

To submit your photo’s you must either tweet them too us @DwnTheTunnel or you can email them to kjburke10@gmail.com. The contest ends the Sunday following the last game of the regular season. Now get out there and get the “Golson for Heisman” campaign started!