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The DEVIL We Know

Jesse J. – @TheShamRap

Well Domers, here it is.The brutal truth…

We may have actually played ourselves out of playoff contention with a win.


Yes, a win. Don’t believe me?

There is a difference between good and REALLY good. An actual equation. Here it is:

Greatness = What you see + margin of victory

What we’ve seen from Notre Dame in regards to “greatness” comes in flashes. Hasn’t quite been consistent enough on the field for me to consider us REALLY good.

You can’t beat Navy by 10 points, while giving up 39 on defense and expect the Playoff Committee to say “Well that was impressive”, not without extremely sarcastic undertones anyway.


Biggest red flag? VanGorder had two weeks to get this defense prepared for the triple option. TWO WEEKS!

It’s not like Navy was sandwiched immediately in between a game against a spread offense and a pro-style offense. The guys should have been ready.

I’m not trying to put him on the chopping block by any stretch, but BVG has laid 2 BIG goose-eggs (UNC, Navy) as far as defensive game planning vs. teams we should be dominating on that side of the ball.

Our playoff chances just took a huge hit.

But our performance on the field Saturday won’t affect our playoff chances nearly as much as the loss of starting LB, team leader, Joe Schmidt.

Schmidt is now out for the season, he was the quarterback of the defense, and someone you can only replace by giving someone else the time to gain that experience.

Enter Nyles Morgan.


You wanna replace Joe? You couldn’t have picked a more exciting candidate for that prospect.

Morgan has all the natural skills and athletic ability that Schmidt lacks. He’s a physical freak.

Welp, time to make a t-shirt with Nyles and Jaylon.


“Freak Brothers”

Back to reality though. We have a banged up squad heading into likely our biggest remaining game of the year vs. ASU in Tempe.

But don’t let me kill your dreams of seeing those shining helmets in the playoffs. It isn’t impossible, and isn’t all bad news.

Some of the “consistency” Brian Kelly is always talking about is coming together.

THREE consecutive 100 yd rushing games by Folston.
Golson hasn’t fumbled in 2 games.
EVERY wide receiver is contributing.

On to Tempe.

Onward to Victory.

Peace, I’m outta here. Go Irish!

A Dames View – Sink the Navy Edition

-Bree Fromage

Here is your woman’s perspective of the game coming up this weekend.  So, I don’t know anything about Notre Dame/Navy football (and I don’t plan rapping about it like an idiot), but what I do know is…

I don’t like Navy’s head coach.  He’s a whiner and a crybaby.  You would think him and that sissy, David Shaw, were brothers from another mother.  They always have something to complain about.  You are a part of the Navy!  Man up!  We know David Shaw pouts like a 3 year old who needs a nap, but that does not mean you have to act like one, too.  Seriously, I have cramps three times as bad as Navy’s football team and I don’t whine as much as….as…I don’t even know how to say his last name.  It’s like a damn Seeing Eye chart at the DMV.  Seriously, I couldn’t pass that eye test sober (Which I’m not right now…).  Look for yourself… His name does have LOL in it which makes it much easier for me to make fun of him.


While on the topic of cramps, I wonder what color Gatorade Brian Kelly will have at the podium for his press conference Navy week.  I kinda hope he ditches the Gatorade all together and just drinks goat’s blood.  It’s close enough to Halloween to work.

When I think of Navy and Notre Dame that the most important thing that comes to mind are the fight songs.  I love to “Shake down the thunder from the sky” and “Marching to victory,” but it’s hard to compete with the disco hit “In The Navy.”  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to sail the 7-seas or put your mind at ease?  It sounds like a wonderful vacation, which is pretty much what the Navy football team has been on.  The last time they were ranked in the top-25 after the season was in 2004 and they were only ranked 24th.  Their highest ranking ever was 2nd in both polls, which performed slightly better than their fight song which came in at #3 on the Billboard 100 in 1979.  It was actually #1 on the Canadian RPM Top Singles list, but I’m pretty sure once you convert that from the metric system to ‘Merica system it comes out to #3 again.  Looking over iTunes, the Notre Dame fight song is the song with the staying power and is ranked WAY higher than “In the navy” right now.

Staying on the number 3, let’s talk about the triple option: Vodka, Tequila and Beer.  A formidable trio of awesomeness that makes any game enjoyable.  If you drink enough, you might find Navy’s head coach cute…or you might mistake him for the goat mascot.  I know I have a few times.  It’s not that I have anything against Navy and I appreciate what they do for everyone, but let’s face it, the Notre Dame players are cuter and the type of guys you would want to have a real triple option with (Hey-Yo!).  This game will basically be the SNL version of Chris Farly (Navy) vs. Patrick Swayze (Notre Dame).  We got the moves, the looks and the skills to win this game.


Well, that’s a woman’s perspective of the Navy/Notre Dame game.  I have no doubt College Gameday will be at this epic match up.  If you tally up all the above categories, pretty sure Notre Dame is going to win by 17.  By pretty sure, I’d put David Shaw’s Midol on it… I’m that confident.  Go Irish!    

The Down The Tunnel Radio Show – North Carolina Edition


The Down the Tunnel radio show is back. This week we discussed the ongoing academic investigation, look back at the Irish’s comeback win against Stanford, and look ahead to North Carolina. We were also joined by Douglas Farmer from Blue and Gold Illustrated.


Getting to know @NDFanComments

-Sgt Shamrock

Earlier today we announced the addition of the infamous twitter persona @NDFanComments to the Down the Tunnel team. Im sure a large portion of you have laughed, cried, and maybe even stared at your computer screen in disbelieve to some of the comments that NDFC finds as he browses the Notre Dame Football Facebook page. If you are one of the few who have not heard of NDFC do yourself a favor and go follow him on twitter @NDFanComments. Do it now. You can thank me later. 

While most people know about NDFC on twitter, almost nobody knows the origins behind the account. Well thats about to change. Since NDFC has joined the Down the Tunnel team, we thought it was a good idea for a little Q&A session for our fans and audience to get to know the newest member of the team. Without further delay, meet @NDFanComments.


Sgt. Shamrock: I know the twitter account has gained quite a large following. When exactly did you start the @NDfanComments account?

NDFC: I started the account last summer, probably around July, shortly before the shamrock series uniform unveiling.


Sgt. Shamrock: What was it exactly that led you to start the @NDFanComments account?

NDFC: Misery loves company. At first, it was just a bunch of people freaking out; I think it was around the time the Golson news broke. Fans were pretty close to the edge right about that time, and for whatever reason they felt the comments section of the fan page was the place to vent. Though, I think some believe it’s the appropriate channel to directly contact Kelly/Swarbrick/Jenkins, etc. One day I just thought, people really need to see this shit. Oak (@oaknd1) had posted a few things like that via his twitter account, but only those that were truly special. I thought there were a lot more and that they merited their own channel.


Sgt. Shamrock: How long after you started the account did it really start gaining traction and gain the large following that you have now?

NDFC: The 2013 Shamrock Series uniform unveiling was definitely a coming-out party for the account, mainly because it was the first thing that people could collectively complain about. Mostly because that was when our beloved Kathy graced the comments section with her cameo that is yet to see an encore performance.


Sgt. Shamrock: There are a lot of idiotic comments made on the ND Facebook page. How do you choose what comments to use and which ones to ignore?

NDFC: I’m glad you brought this up, one thing I’ve yet to understand is this desire to make the @NDfanComments twitter feed. Not to be confused with the tricerapopses (tricerapopsi?) of the world, everyone should strive to be like tricerapops, that dude is just brilliant with his trolling comments. Trolling is fun, I get it, but do me a favor and make it identifiable. Most are obvious, some are pretty good, and every now and then I’ll post someone’s comment who follows the account and they’ll celebrate. Congratulations, you successfully duped a regular dude who finished his undergrad at 29 years old and makes a hobby of reading comments sections on Facebook.


Sgt. Shamrock: From the time you began the account what have been the events that have led to the most amount of asinine comments on the Facebook page?

NDFC: Obviously the uniform reveals have been the biggest draws of humor, we’ve all seen the darker side following the loss to Pitt, but those aren’t fun. I’d much rather people laugh than cringe, but sometimes the cringe-worthy comments are just too cringe-worthy to ignore.


Sgt. Shamrock: Did you ever anticipate that you would have gotten this notable in the ND Twitter family when you started the account?

NDFC: I wanted the account to be seen, certainly, though I wasn’t sure how it would be received. ND fans as a whole are known to take themselves quite seriously. I know my dad really enjoys the account and when it was in its early stages he would ask me if and when I thought it was going to reach 1,000 followers. I told him I was pretty happy with the 700-800 I had because I think that’s the only portion of the fan base on twitter who hasn’t completely lost it (yet) and in my opinion, the best kind of fans.


Sgt. Shamrock: What excited you about joining the Down the Tunnel team? What can our audience anticipate with your addition to the team?

NDFC: I think the fit was right; DTT’s content is a great mix of intelligent discourse and rational thought combined with a good dose of humor. I’ll be putting together a recap after games and major events/announcements, similar to the HLS recap only with little to no rational thought at all from the participants. Should be fun, we’ll laugh, cringe, and probably embarrass someone by posting their parents’ comments. There will be no anonymity whatsoever as far as blurring faces or names. (Accountability, right gang?) Go Irish, Beat Owls.


Will Mahone Arrested on Multiple Charges


-Sgt Shamrock

It seems as if the yearly off season tradition of losing a player will continue this year. According to reports, Notre Dame running back/wide receiver Will Mahone was arrested on Sunday in Mahoning County, Ohio on multiple charges that include assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, vandalism, and disorderly conduct. News of a Irish football player having “off the field” trouble began circulating earlier today and now we know who that player is.

Mahone was a member of the 2012 recruiting class but has been limited with injuries and has not seen much playing time. Last season, the Irish coaching staff moved Mahone from running back to wide receiver to see if he could contribute elsewhere with a logjam of talent at the running back position however that never was able to pan out. The University of Notre Dame has yet to comment on the incident and the ramifications Mahone will face, however it seems that his football career at Notre Dame may be in jeopardy.

The arrest record can be found here: http://pii.mahoningcountyoh.gov/(S(0pzeta55ymm5c355mtx4xd55))/Booking.aspx


Brian Van Gorder Hired as the new Notre Dame DC

-Sgt Shamrock


Notre Dame didn’t waste anytime after defeating Rutgers in the Pinstripe Bowl to hire a new defensive coordinator. Multiple media outlets are reporting that Brian Van Gorder will be the new defensive coordinator for the Irish, taking over for Bob Diaco who left to become the head coach at UConn. Van Gorder is coming to Notre Dame after serving as the linebackers coach for the New York Jets under Rex Ryan this past season. Van Gorder has a history with Brian Kelly, working with him at Central Michigan as defensive coordinator.

Before coaching for the New York Jets this season in the NFL, Van Gorder has had multiple coaching stops in his career. In 2003 he won the Broyles award as the defensive coordinator at the University of Georgia. Van Gorder’s defense finished the season in 2003 ranked 3rd nationally in scoring defense, 4th in total defense, and 6th nationally in passing defense. Following his stint at UGA, Van Gorder took a head coaching job with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He only lasted one season in Jacksonville before leaving to take the head coaching position at Georgia Southern. Following one season with Georgia Southern, Van Gorder took the defensive coordinator position with the Atlanta Falcons from 2008 until 2012 when he took the defensive coordinator position with Auburn University.

This is definitely an interesting hire by the Irish. While most thought the Irish would hire from within, I always thought Brian Kelly would at least take a look outside the program. The hiring of Van Gorder points to a possible move from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 defense. It does make sense as Louis Nix in enroute to the NFL and the Irish are left without a clear cut nose tackle, which is needed to successfully run a 3-4 defense. Of all the candidates that were out there in the rumor mill, Van Gorder’s name was not mentioned by many. It will be interesting to see the future of the Irish defense with the new hire and if it will bring a change of philosophy to South Bend.