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Getting to know @NDFanComments

-Sgt Shamrock

Earlier today we announced the addition of the infamous twitter persona @NDFanComments to the Down the Tunnel team. Im sure a large portion of you have laughed, cried, and maybe even stared at your computer screen in disbelieve to some of the comments that NDFC finds as he browses the Notre Dame Football Facebook page. If you are one of the few who have not heard of NDFC do yourself a favor and go follow him on twitter @NDFanComments. Do it now. You can thank me later. 

While most people know about NDFC on twitter, almost nobody knows the origins behind the account. Well thats about to change. Since NDFC has joined the Down the Tunnel team, we thought it was a good idea for a little Q&A session for our fans and audience to get to know the newest member of the team. Without further delay, meet @NDFanComments.


Sgt. Shamrock: I know the twitter account has gained quite a large following. When exactly did you start the @NDfanComments account?

NDFC: I started the account last summer, probably around July, shortly before the shamrock series uniform unveiling.


Sgt. Shamrock: What was it exactly that led you to start the @NDFanComments account?

NDFC: Misery loves company. At first, it was just a bunch of people freaking out; I think it was around the time the Golson news broke. Fans were pretty close to the edge right about that time, and for whatever reason they felt the comments section of the fan page was the place to vent. Though, I think some believe it’s the appropriate channel to directly contact Kelly/Swarbrick/Jenkins, etc. One day I just thought, people really need to see this shit. Oak (@oaknd1) had posted a few things like that via his twitter account, but only those that were truly special. I thought there were a lot more and that they merited their own channel.


Sgt. Shamrock: How long after you started the account did it really start gaining traction and gain the large following that you have now?

NDFC: The 2013 Shamrock Series uniform unveiling was definitely a coming-out party for the account, mainly because it was the first thing that people could collectively complain about. Mostly because that was when our beloved Kathy graced the comments section with her cameo that is yet to see an encore performance.


Sgt. Shamrock: There are a lot of idiotic comments made on the ND Facebook page. How do you choose what comments to use and which ones to ignore?

NDFC: I’m glad you brought this up, one thing I’ve yet to understand is this desire to make the @NDfanComments twitter feed. Not to be confused with the tricerapopses (tricerapopsi?) of the world, everyone should strive to be like tricerapops, that dude is just brilliant with his trolling comments. Trolling is fun, I get it, but do me a favor and make it identifiable. Most are obvious, some are pretty good, and every now and then I’ll post someone’s comment who follows the account and they’ll celebrate. Congratulations, you successfully duped a regular dude who finished his undergrad at 29 years old and makes a hobby of reading comments sections on Facebook.


Sgt. Shamrock: From the time you began the account what have been the events that have led to the most amount of asinine comments on the Facebook page?

NDFC: Obviously the uniform reveals have been the biggest draws of humor, we’ve all seen the darker side following the loss to Pitt, but those aren’t fun. I’d much rather people laugh than cringe, but sometimes the cringe-worthy comments are just too cringe-worthy to ignore.


Sgt. Shamrock: Did you ever anticipate that you would have gotten this notable in the ND Twitter family when you started the account?

NDFC: I wanted the account to be seen, certainly, though I wasn’t sure how it would be received. ND fans as a whole are known to take themselves quite seriously. I know my dad really enjoys the account and when it was in its early stages he would ask me if and when I thought it was going to reach 1,000 followers. I told him I was pretty happy with the 700-800 I had because I think that’s the only portion of the fan base on twitter who hasn’t completely lost it (yet) and in my opinion, the best kind of fans.


Sgt. Shamrock: What excited you about joining the Down the Tunnel team? What can our audience anticipate with your addition to the team?

NDFC: I think the fit was right; DTT’s content is a great mix of intelligent discourse and rational thought combined with a good dose of humor. I’ll be putting together a recap after games and major events/announcements, similar to the HLS recap only with little to no rational thought at all from the participants. Should be fun, we’ll laugh, cringe, and probably embarrass someone by posting their parents’ comments. There will be no anonymity whatsoever as far as blurring faces or names. (Accountability, right gang?) Go Irish, Beat Owls.


Curling. Irish-Drinking Style

We’re just a year (or so) away from signing day 2015! For the Twitter Recruiting-elite, it’s time to roll up the sleeves, get your hands ready, and start stalking a brand new group of 17 year olds.  Just kidding (kind of) about that.  But seriously, with National Letter of Intent Day behind us, there is this unfortunate dead period for college football enthusiasts.  Fortunately, once every four years, the World bestows upon us a gift called the “Winter Olympic Games.”  Most of the sports are a foreign language to American sports fans.  Yes, they’re foreign languages with an (in)appropriate number of sexually suggestive catch-phrases but foreign none-the-less. 

Included among these sports is a shining beacon of fun that I, in all seriousness, get excited to watch:  Curling.  I know what you’re thinking, so let’s get it out of the way:  Yes, this is the sport where Dick’s Sporting Goods is replaced by the Home Depot as your go to source for equipment.  IT HAS BROOMS!

If you’re interested in learning about the sport’s rules/procedures, etc., what better source than Wikipedia for your authority!

However, if you’re reading this blog, there’s a strong probability you’ve discovered this article by following @mrmayhem75, @goirishglory, or (god forbid) @IrishMoonJ.  My incredibly unscientific research leads me to believe the following things about you then:

  1. You’re real life persona masks an incredibly funny, unapologetically inappropriate online sense of humor,
  2. You’re a degenerate drinker, and
  3. You have a healthy dislike of all things Lane Kiffin.

I’m not quite sure how #3 ties into the point of this post, but it’s true, and I like you more for it.  There is a disconnect however, in that numbers 1 and 2 don’t always lead to you wanting to learn a new sport.  At the same time, it does suggest you’re game for an excuse to drink, and I’m here to accommodate.  Should you run across some men or women appearing to sweep away the dreams of their opponent and want to know when it’s a good idea to take a sip (or gulp) ((or chug)) of your favorite beverage, Down the Tunnel is proud to publish the simple to follow “Curling Drinking Game.”

Step One:  Make sure your volume’s on.  Seriously, this game won’t work otherwise.  Not to mention, the intricate, subtle dialogue of a curling match is quite interesting, and you won’t be able to get mad at the commentators because you’ll only vaguely know whether what they’re saying is cliché or not. 

Step Two:  Take a sip of your drink each time the “skip” (pronounced:  “person yelling at everyone else”) yells: “HARD, HARD, HARD…..whoa, whoa.”  Mmmmhmmm…this is suggestive.  Also, take a small sip because this happens FAR more than you might think.  This is a drinking game, so be liberal in your interpretation, but these are the key words to be listening for.  Finally, thank (and follow) @IrishRyg on Twitter.  He’s the president of the Notre Dame Curling Club and also developed this rule.

Step Three:  Each time the stone (the funny looking disc they throw) comes to rest in the bullseye, finish your drink.  This is a command from Down the Tunnel’s commander and chief Mayhem. 

That’s it.  The rules are simple.  The results are devastating.  Curling matches are looooong, and given that the IOC was blackmailed into giving Russia the Olympics, the curling matches are on at crazy times of the day.  It’s fine by me if you drink and go to work, drink at work, or neglect Valentine’s Day to participate.  I probably don’t have your best interests at heart, and telling your boss/significant other/family that the Internet told you to drink just never goes as well as you might hope.  Take it from me.

Finally, curling lasts most of the Olympics, and if you’re not opposed to paying exorbitant shipping costs, ND has a shirt for you via @thereidy (another person you should be following).  Hey, it’s Adidas brand, so it’s bound to be a collector’s item in the very near future.

Over the weekend I’ll try to put together a full television schedule for the curling matches.  You can also stream the matches live, and we might even set up a U.S. match “live” (pronounced:  featured replay) tweet/drinking event depending on how things go. 

In the meantime, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


– IrishMoonJ